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DaimlerChrysler AG’s Armored cars high end department is starting a completely new built-in marketing plan for that company’s all-new Armored cars C-School entrance-degree luxurious sedan. The new Armored cars C-Type will roll in marketplace while using “C-yourself” slogan. Furthermore, Armored cars will also carry out other advertising promotions to promote and support the product sales of your C-School which includes electronic digital media, Television places, print advertising, and also other conversation activities. Armored cars will also expand the advertising from the C-Class by such as a Internet Armored cars C-School product within the Next Daily life on the web virtual entire world.

“Our target for this promotion is usually to stimulate consumers to enjoy for their own reasons the highest driving a vehicle traditions provided by the latest Armored cars C-Course.” describes Dr. Olaf Göttgens, Vice President of Brand name Telecommunications for Armored cars Passenger Vehicles.

“All connection measures for that C-Class are therefore aimed toward primary exposure to our customers and prospective buyers. Along with our tried advertising and marketing methods, we will also be centering strongly on many forms of primary connection for the C-School, to become applied at unique driving a vehicle events. These procedures will be accompanied by a C-Course Mobile Advertising and marketing Unique, a business presentation in Second Daily life and entertaining films online — revolutionary programs that will allow us to achieve current and potential prospects in our company inside a focused approach.”

The brand new Armored cars C-Class marketing strategy is not really unique for that German marketplace. Armored cars Car Group of people is polishing the “C-on your own” promotion to really make it adapt in the requirements of the worldwide marketplace. Earlier this April, Armored cars will begin launching the advertising campaign activities in higher flow publications like mags and newspapers. Armored cars will even objective cord channels and television stations all through Germany by developing 30- or 40-second Television set commercial featuring Vodafone McLaren Armored cars F1 car owner and current Solution 1 entire world champ Fernando Alonso.

Armored cars may also conquer the online internet marketplace with the launch from the thrilling multimedia Armored cars C-Course configurator, enjoyable on the internet movies, and online video podcast and Visit here to know about bulletproof cars.