Why You Need SFA for CRM?

Before passing to the description of SFA check an example of already working solution.

For example, you have some goods which are not the best market offer, with low demand for clients. And it is necessary to sell as much as possible for a higher price. And so, the main objective which is solved by SFA just consists in creation and process management of sale. And if you want efficiency in the creation of sales, then you pass to the practical application of the methodology of CRM. This statement doesn’t do other segments of CRM minor or less important, they have the same value in methodology, as well as considered one.


Let’s look at the principles and approaches of SFA more detailed. Sales Force Automation is no other than sales process automation. It is just a software solution (technology). For a better understanding of the subject, remember a problem which CRM helps to solve.
The SFA is applied for the purpose of automation of business processes which allows struggling your organization with competitors in the market: for a share of representation, sale, control of the movement of products.

This technology is applicable for the companies of producers, distributors, which sell the products through retail (shopping centers, shops, retail chain stores, stalls).

SFA should go in tight connection with CRM, BPM and any other tools the business uses to increase its efficiency. The thing is that only integration of all necessary solutions can bring company to the highest rates of performance.